Since last  August, ClimatePolitics, a mostly volunteer-run project, on a bare-bones budget, has made significant progress to make it easy to see what candidates and elected officials say and do about climate change. We started with ClimateCongress for the November 2016 elections, then moved on to ClimateCalifornia as the California legislature considered and passed legislation to expand the state’s pioneering climate initiatives.

We created these resources as tools for others to easily access relevant information to help them focus their own activities. The unique benefit of a  crowdsourced, open-source effort like ClimatePolitics is the ability to aggregate information from many diverse sources and present it in a user-friendly, non-partisan, neutral manner. In addition to researched information, we automatically sort through gigabytes of complex data and tweets and distill them down to the most important, climate-relevant parts.

We can work with climate, environmental justice, environmental equity, and clean energy organizations and advocates across the country. Use the form below to join us, and together, we can make ClimatePolitics a vital resource to help everyone understand the whole scope across all levels of government legislators’ public statements and votes.


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