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Here’s the latest coverage of the Climate Politics (formerly the Climate Congress Wikipedia Project) in the media. If you saw something, or want to help spread the word, please feel free to tweet @climatecongrss.

Support Tweets

  • Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club, 24.9K followers, tweeted “Check out @ClimateCongrss & be an educated #ClimateVoter! See where candidates stand on #ClimateChange. #VoteClimate”
  • Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of, 204K followers, tweeted “Where do legislators stand on climate? See for ALL Senate races & some House. A useful resource! @ClimateCongrss
  • Bill Maher, HBO host, 5.6 million followers, re-tweeted McKibben with the hashtag #ActonClimate

Media Clips

  • Environmentalists Want Your Help Building a Climate Congress (reposted at the popular Truthout website, 10/31/2016) A group of Californians are trying to crowdsourcing a Wiki on the environmental stances of candidates for the US House and Senate).
  • Environmentalists Want Your Help Building a Climate Congress (Kathy Kiely in Moyers & Company, 10/25/2016) Faced with a presidential debate season that lacked any real discussion of an issue that the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama, has identified as a “terrifying” threat, a small but well-connected group of California activists have decided to take matters into their own hands.
  • New Project Gives Info On Congressional Climate Change Positions (Gina-Marie Cheeseman in Triple Pundit, 10/23/2016) Wouldn’t it be great we could look up the climate change positions of each person running for a congressional office on the Internet? It turns out it does exist, and it’s called the ClimateCongress Wikipedia Project.
  • Open Letter to Leaders of The US Climate Movement (Medium, 10/13/2016)
       “Three Weeks to Get Climate into Congressional Races:  An open letter to U.S. Climate Movement leaders we look to and wait to hear from” by this project’s co-founders….an informed electorate needs credible information. We’ve built it. Now can you ask people to come? “
  • Time to focus on electing a Climate Congress (cyclinger in Daily Kos, 10/10/2016) Climate change has been monumentally under-reported in the mainstream media. The topic appears seldom even on candidate website and, to the dismay of activists I know, even Wikipedia has not been covering this issue in its profiles of American politicians. Until now…
  • Launch Press Release: First-ever Election Resource for Congressional Climate Positions Launches  (10/6/2016)